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A Mindful Web considers ways the digital maker community can make a better web. I’ll talk about leadership, responsibility, and practical concerns. I want to shine a light on your daily work practices and how teams collaborate. How we push pixels, language, and code makes a difference. There are no forces, other than us, making the web the way it is—good and bad. So, we must find a way to be better and more present—that’s the mindful part of A Mindful Web.

I’ve watched the public and the commercial web grow from a front seat. I’ve been looking at the inner workings of digital, content, technology, and design teams since 1995. I’ve helped some of the largest organizations and governments in the world become more intentional about what they put online. I’ve written a book about how to do that. Still, it’s kind of a mess out there. That makes this all very exciting, scary, and a massive opportunity for a new wave of innovation centered around building a safer and more compassionate web.

You’ll see occasional long pieces and a more regular stream of short affirmations—something to take you out of your day for a moment and remind you about the mindful part of your job.

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